Lee Sisters is an organization dedicated to creating brighter futures for children.  We work to provide care and education to children who otherwise go without.  
Help us help them.


Our goal is to raise $20,000 to build the dormitory / children's home, which will accommodate up to 90 students, and will create a scholarship fund for less fortunate students who are not able to attend school without financial assistance.


Improved quality of life and emergence from poverty require basic education, which is unavailable to the majority of the child population in rural areas of Kenya (and many other parts of the world).  Wouldn't this world be a great place if every child had hope of a better life?  


Lee Sisters Foundation was formed to deliver the power of education to vulnerable and disadvantaged children whose lives can be forever changed by learning to read. 

In the tradition of their Minnesota roots, the Lee Sisters believe that reading, writing and arithmetic are the foundation of self-sufficiency and hope of a better future.